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Due to its large size and excellent geographic location, Meadowlily Woods is an important stopover for migratory birds during the spring and fall season.

According to McIIwraith Field Naturalists (now Nature London) in 2007 over 150 species of birds and over 70 nesting species call Meadowlily Woods home.

According to the Draft Natural Heritage Study 2011 – Meadowlily Woods contains 16 species in the Partners in Flight Ontario Plan and 37 species listed Conservation Priority for Middlesex County.

“The truth is that healthy bird populations suggest healthy habitats for all species, including humans.  Sadly, many of Canada’s birds have suffered severe population declines over the past decades. Like other species, birds face mounting pressures on their habitats and populations. Some of the pressure is also due to climate change. Currently, one in eight of the world’s birds are threatened with global extinction, and of the 428 bird species that regularly breed in Canada, 60 are classified as at risk. "
Nature Canada August 2010 newsletter

“ Loss of interior habitat and competition from aggressive species bring about decreases in populations of rare and uncommon species, which can lead to extinction. For example, several recent Ontario studies show significant declines in the numbers of migrating and breeding populations of forest-interior bird species, and many studies have found distinct relationships between forest birds and woodland patch and size patterns.”
Environmental Commissioner of Ontario- August 25, 2011 newsletter –