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Academic Research in the Meadowlily Woods area documented over 60 archaeological sites dating from 9500 B.C to 1500 A.D and includes all types of sites from find spots, camps, to villages, and special purpose sites.

Photo Source: Canadian Military Museum - Ottawa

Early Settlement:

This Regency villa is one of the finest examples of this type of architecture in the City of London. The old farmstead illustrates the evolution of a Regency cottage from when it was built in the 1840's until the present day. The building retains most of its Regency features and is beautifully situated in a rural setting, on a hill with a panoramic view to the northwest. The property is associated with two families. The earliest residents were William Bell and his family. Bell was a farmer from England who arrived in Canada in the mid-1830's. Bell called his residence "Park Farm" and lived there until his death in 1877. And the Fraser family who gave Meadowlily Woods and Park Farm to the city in 1981.

The heritage remains of the Meadowlily Mills were built in 1856. A path along the river will lead you to look upon the brick/ stone foundation and discover London's early history.

Meadowlily Woods Mills - London, Ontario History

William Plewes came here in 1870, when he purchased the "Meadow Lily Mills," situated three miles east of the city, on the Hamilton Road.  This was known as one of the most picturesque spots to be found anywhere. The mills are said to have been erected fifty years ago, and have had different occupants during that time. Since Mr. Plewes purchased the property he built additions and in 1883 introduced the roller process. In 1885 the property suffered by fire, but was rebuilt in 1886. The capacity of the Plewes Mill was 125 barrels of flour daily, giving employment to twelve hands.


Meadowlily Bridge

The Meadowlily Bridge was constructed in 1910 and is considered by many to be a heritage structure being one of the first iron bridges in the London area. It is planned to be restored by the City of London as a Heritage site.

Meadowlily Bridge London, Ontario

Early Tokens from Meadow Lily Dairy
Early Tokens from Meadow Lily Dairy London Ontario